Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Palestinians Ban The Media From Taking Pictures Of Kids With Guns

The Palestinian journalists union declared on Monday that news photographers are "absolutely forbidden" from taking pictures of Palestinian children carrying weapons or taking part in activities by militant groups, saying that the pictures harm the Palestinian cause.

Of course the pictures will harm the Palestinian cause, but should they ban the media for reporting the truth? Suicide bombers are heroes in Palestinian society, and many of the Palestinian kids want to be suicide bombers themselves. Why not report on this and let the world know just what the Palestinians are for? Here is a reminder to liberals out there who quickly forget the past: Palestinians were doing to funky chicken out in the streets on 9/11. They loved it. I'm sure many of them would of had no problem filling in the shoes of one of the hijackers. How soon the Left forgets this and rushes up to hug terrorists like Yaser Arafat. It's just down right ignorant.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Liberals: Big on Words, Short on Common Sense

Usually when I'm in the mood to vomit, I go to FARK. This is a decent website, but the comments are mostly liberal. Not only are they liberal, but very stupid as well (then again, what's the difference?). Here are a few choice comments that make you wonder where America is going..

From Tadpole
Don't worry about Just Cause. We will bait Saddam into an incident that starts his destruction. Why else do we pay the CIA?

Right, and I guess the CIA gased all those Kurds too.

From Ironbar
The people don't want war, the military doesn't want war,
the GOP doesn't want war, our allies don't want war.

I guess they don't understand the oil business the way the Greedy Pinhead does.

We get 2.2% of our oil from Iraq. Makes you wonder what people are doing with their education now-a-days.

From Aeonic_Blue
"God Bless Facist America"

"God Bless The Liberal Sissy Tree Humping, Terrorist Hugging Left"

I'm just glad someone posted this pic.

What's the lesson of this post? Fark makes you dumb.

You've Got E-Bomb!

Telegraph has an interesting article on a weapon to possibly be used against Iraq in Persian Gulf Round 2. I'm sure we've all read of such a weapon, but now it has a sweet new name: E-Bomb. Here's a little piece of the article, click the link for the rest:

The Pentagon is planning to use a British weapon that can disable electronic and electrical systems without killing anyone to attack Saddam Hussein's chemical and biological weapons sites.

The "radio frequency weapon", or E-Bomb, developed at a secret site in south-west England, sends out a high-intensity radio wave with similar effects to the electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear blast.
Bin Laden Sends His Greetings!
Another "sign" that UBL is still alive has been circling around the news lately. The following is a short piece of Islam Online.net's article.

The Afghan source, who asked for anonymity, told IslamOnline Saturday, August 24, that the leader of Al-Qaeda network wrote this message a few weeks ago as a sign that he is still alive, although the letter was undated.

The source pointed out that a comparison between this letter and those found by the CIA and FBI showed great similarity.

Let's skip down a bit..

He added that the doubtful could ask the Russians how the “Holy Jihad” destroyed the former legend of the Soviet Union .

I'm gonna take that as a "Thank you" from whoever wrote this to the United States. Thankfully for UBL, the enemy of our enemy was our friend at the time. Now, personally, I don't believe UBL wrote this. I believe he is rotting in Tora Bora as I type this. We can't operate on that assumption, however. Regardless, we know UBL likes to gloat about his successes against America. If he made some heroic escape, then why hasn't he deliever the July 4th video his people promised? Could it be that he is too busy being eaten by bugs?
First Post!
Alrighty, this is my 1st post on my new blogger. Hopefully before long I'll be having hundreds of hits a day. I might even get as popular as Right Wing News. Not likely, but I'll give it a go.